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Do I Need to Purchase a BagSafe Tag?  Why?

Yes.  The BagSafe℠ Tag is activated for one year of access to our transport and storage services.  Our low cost BagSafe℠  Tags are loaded with technology (RFID chip, NFC chip, and a QR bar code).  In case airlines lose your luggage, with this technology, BagHop  can assist in locating and recovering the luggage you linked to your BagSafe℠ Tag, worldwide.  Each Tag is linked to one individual bag.

Are BagHop services available for checked bags or only for carry-on bags?  Both!  We help you go hands free either way!

Are BagHop services for Business or Vacation travelers?  Both!  Museums etc. do not typically allow luggage or large bags on their premises and do not provide storage.  For the business traveler, restaurant coatrooms and office reception closets are not secure or supervised.  Any type of traveler can use BagHop to avoid these hassles, and avoid the extra trip to the hotel to drop bags off first too.

How do I know my Luggage was delivered to my hotel?  When your luggage is delivered to your designated hotel, we get a claim check, take a picture of your bag and the claim check, and send it to you by text message.

How Do I Reserve luggage transport or day storage?   Simply go to baghop.net, log in with your customer ID and book it in advance to expedite your drop off.  Or, come to the BagHop drop off area in the airport, where our on-site team will assist you.  BagHop accepts luggage at Reagan National Airport Monday – Friday, beginning at 7:30AM and returning bags until 8PM (except Federal Holidays)

Can I arrange overnight storage?  No.  Only Day storage is currently available Monday – Friday from 7:30AM to 8PM (except Federal Holidays).  If you are staying overnight, your luggage will be at your hotel.

The Airlines lost my luggage …. Now What?   If you have a BagSafe℠ Tag, and your bag is lost, just contact BagHop at concierge@baghop.net.  Provide us your lost bag claim number, the BagSafe℠ Tag number linked to your lost bag, the name of the passenger that checked the bag, and the flight you were on when your bag went missing.  We’ll take it from there to try to help you locate and recover your lost bag.

Does my BagHop membership apply to other airports?  Soon!  Check back often – we’re expanding!

Is my luggage insured?  Like airlines, each piece of luggage is insured up to $500.

For other Questions please contact BagHop at concierge@baghop.net.  We’ll get right back to you.