Using BagHop

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Using BagHop

Register Online and make a Reservation with BagHop  –  (

  •  Complete the simple online form to register and reserve a BagSafe℠ Tag.
  •  Receive unique Customer ID and make an Online Reservation.

Assign your BagSafe℠ Tag to the luggage you wish to link to BagHop service.  The BagSafe℠ Tag will be attached to your luggage when you arrive at the BagHop area at Reagan National Airport (your first reservation).

Our on-site airport team at Reagan National Airport can also help you register with BagHop and arrange same day delivery or storage services.

Making future online reservations is fast and easy for delivery services to your hotel or day storage for your luggage.

  •  Visit our site at (
  •  Simply log in with your customer ID and password.
  •  Complete the simple reservation form to make your delivery or storage reservations.

Drop off your luggage at BagHop area at Reagan National Airport for delivery to hotel or storage services (conveniently located inside terminal B/C at Exit Door 5.

  •  BagHop team confirms your ID.
  •  BagHop team confirms destination for your luggage for deliveries or the retrieval time for stored luggage
  •  BagHop confirms your mobile number.

Retrieve your luggage at Reagan National at BagHop area

  •  Recommend stored luggage be retrieved from BagHop area at least 90 minutes before outgoing flights
  •  BagHop team will confirm your ID before returning luggage

BagHop Pricing 

  • Registration, including first BagSafe℠ Tag linked to one bag – $20
  • Additional BagSafe℠ Tags for additional bags – $15 each
  • Luggage delivery to hotel – first bag (within 25 miles of the airport) $30 (discounts for additional bags to same location with  BagSafe℠ Tag)
  • Bag storage during the day – (Note: No overnight storage available) – $20

Hours of Operation: BagHop operates at Reagan National Airport (DCA) Monday through Friday,  accepting luggage beginning at 7:30AM and returning luggage until 8PM (except Federal Holidays)

Need More Assistance?  To access our BagHop Team, contact us at and we will get right back to you